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The Technical Ceramics division of Friatec, Mannheim is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance ceramic components for industrial and scientific use. Marketed under the FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT brand name, the products are manufactured from high-purity ceramic materials including alumina (aluminium oxide), zirconia (zirconium oxide), silicon carbide, silicon nitride and many more.

Tubes, multi-bores, rods and laboratory ware made of DEGUSSIT oxide ceramics have excellent properties when used for temperature resistant and anti-corrosion applications in sensors, electronics and scientific equipment as well as numerous other industries.

The company is a specialist in joining ceramic-to-ceramic, and ceramic-to-metal. FRIALIT ceramic-metal assemblies are joined together using high-temperature brazing, including electrical feedthroughs for high voltage and high current, insulating tubes, high pressure feedthroughs, stand-offs, insulators, and sensor housings. Electro ceramics are ideal for high-pressure and high-temperature applications or in vacuum technology, sensors, flow meters, level detectors, electronics, nuclear applications, scientific instruments and research such as particle accelerators etc.