Stand: E11


Sierra Instruments are designers and manufacturers of flow instrumentation for gas, liquid and steam applications.

The company will be displaying its range of industrial Thermal mass, Vortex and Ultrasonic flow meters.

Industrial Thermal mass flow meters insertion and in-line options: Sierra Instruments’ market leading QuadraTherm, four-sensor thermal mass flow meters, offer unrivalled accuracy. Create and upload new gas compositions in the field. No-drift flow sensors with lifetime warranty, plus on-site diagnostics.

In-line and insertion Vortex meters: The company’s multi-variable 240i and 241i are suitable for liquid, gas and steam applications. They measure mass or volumetric flow rate, temperature and pressure, and provide three signal outputs.

Clamp-on Ultrasonic flow meters: The innovative 207i provides the addition of an energy measurement system if required. The new “visual” transducer-placing tool, using the large backlit display, simplifies sensor placement to assure maximum signal strength, key to high performance.