Now in its 7th year and firmly established as the UK’s only national sensors event, Sensors & Instrumentation returned to Hall 3 at the NEC Birmingham on Wednesdaysensor_show_2016_031 28th and Thursday 29th September.

Lea Montague, general manager for PR Electronics said: “We have never been asked for so many quotes at an exhibition; we’ll definitely be back next year!” 

Yasin Frei, application engineering manager, Keller described the show as ‘perfect’ adding, “We’ve got lots to follow up on when we get back!”

Paul Burroughs, area sales manager for Bronkhorst UK said: “We had a fantastic lead for an application that we’ve never been involved in before which matches our portfolio perfectly. We have arranged a follow up visit for early next week to discuss it in more detail. The stand was very busy mid morning, it’s been a good day.”

Over at Emerson, business manager Ian Tognarelli said: “We’ve had some good enquires from new and existing customers which is very encouraging. We’ve also had people come to the show specifically to see us, which is great.”

Paul Benson, strategic business manager for Jauch Quartz UK said: “We are very experienced in the electronic component industry and the majority of people we have seen are not familiar to us. It has to be positive that we have had that exposure to new potential customers and we are optimistic about the leads we have received.”

“We are the missing link between the instrumentation and the end user using all of our services, from design through to connection, through to grid,” said Hornbill Engineering’s sales manager Stuart James, adding:  “we have had a very busy and successful event. ”

Glenn Bell, marketing manager for Strainsense said: “It’s been a really good event, with a number of new customers and contacts coming our way.

“I’ve also seen lots of apprentices and trainees from big organisations which has been nice, it’s good to see them engaging with the shows.

“The F1 Simulator has been a hit. We work with lots of automotive and autosport organisations and we wanted to celebrate our connection with them by bringing it to the show.”

The seminars were also very popular this year, with a number of them full to the brim with delegates keen to learn about all of the latest developments in sensing technology. Presentations included:  How the gas sensor drives instrumentation development; The BIG, the BAD, & the UGLY: BIG DATA best practices for data acquisition;  The role of sensor technology and systems in Industry 4.0 and Intelligent, connected sensors and the Internet of Things and more.

New for 2016 was the Automation, Machine Building & IIoT Zone. This feature area focussed heavily on current industry trends and hot topics.

The ‘Innovation Showcase’ area, which had latest products from a selection of exhibitors on display attracted a lot of interest, along with the ‘Feature Area’ in which visitors were invited to test out their driving skills in the StrainSense F1 simulator.