Stand: F8


PCT are showing three core product lines this year. Firstly, multivariate mass flow meters and controllers (mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature) that are fast, stable and accurate. Similarly their pressure controllers are feature rich, extremely accurate and are capable of zero overshoot in both flowing and dead-ended systems. PCT mass flow products are robust, available for ATEX installations and can be inclusive of such options as dosing and filling systems, humidity and vapour generation. Secondly, high performance turbine flow meters for liquid and gas that are equally robust, offer compensation for temperature and viscosity changes, are pressure and temperature rated to 540 bar and 650 C respectively and that offer a highly linear output.  Thirdly, the Equilibar range offering highly accurate, and fast, back-pressure control within dynamic processes together with flow control solutions for extreme applications including high pressure, high temperature, and aggressive, super-critical, viscous and multi-phase media.