Stand: D15


GSPK Circuits is a market leading, global supplier of high quality and specialist PCB solutions.

With over 50 years manufacturing experience, the company can support your special requirements as standard, including: single sided and multi layer FR4 – up to 24 layers; heavy copper PCBs; PCBs with bonded heatsinks; independence control; flexi/flexi rigid; copper filled/resin filled/blind and buried vias; and RF Boards on special laminates.

The company is a thermal PCB specialist. It offers shielding and thermal management. EMI thermal offers material supply/conversion covering two main product groups. Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) are used to transfer heat from electronics to boost reliability and performance. GSPK also support in EMI and RFI shielding.

GSPK Circuits can provide you with expert design support and supply you with tailor-made profile gaskets.