Stand: C9


Friswell Technologies provides problem solving solutions tailored to your requirements, and specialises in an array of different areas for OEMs, End Users and System Integrators.

The company is also a UK designer and manufacturer of instrumentation, large figure displays and touchscreens.

A key area of specialism is in working alongside other organisations supporting their product development. Project examples include a precision gravity clock timing control module, interactive displays and vision camera/detection of security inks.

Friswell has a range of HMI Touchscreens and ‘Plug In’ Display Modules, which can be programmed for custom resolutions up to 1080p high definition and connect into any
DVI / HDMI monitor or TV. Both can provide a fully customisable interface, including custom graphics and animations, to give you a more unique display.

Friswell Technologies is a partner to TR Electronic and SensoPart, specialising in machine vision, absolute, incremental, SIL3, ATEX and linear encoders, laser distance and photoelectric sensors.