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Dewesoft supply data acquisition systems for automotive, aerospace, defence, railway, power and energy, and general industrial measurement applications.

The company provides easy to use portable and rugged instrumentation which can be configured for any number of input channels for laboratory or mobile applications, with signal conditioning to support any sensor. Dewesoft has rugged and waterproof solutions available with IP67 rating for extreme environmental conditions, including extreme hot and cold temperatures from -40˚C to +85˚C.

All Dewesoft equipment is supported by the company’s data acquisition software package which supports system configuration, live viewing of data during tests, post recording review and analysis, including extensive application specific analysis functions.

Rather than just buying an instrument for one task, Dewesoft instruments are true multi-functional instruments. One day it is a general data acquisition system, the next it is a power analyser, the next it is an NVH analyser, combustion analyser, acoustic analyser, etc. A true all in one Solution.