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Wireless connectivity is everywhere. Combined with small semiconductor sensor elements you can get once-lifeless products to receive updates, send notifications, be controlled remotely, and more.

It means continuous opportunities to sell services and data, instead of a one-time physical product sale. And greater value for your customers. Even in industries where electronics have not featured before – now is the moment to redefine what is possible.

DELTA wants to help you explore and succeed with smart products, with minimal risk. That means providing a fast, low-cost path to proof-of-concept. The company’s specialised technology and experiences in a wide range of industries can take you there.

DELTA builds optimal solutions, using the right mix of components to deliver on your cost, size and power consumption needs.

The company has deep semiconductor industry expertise, having worked with chip design since 1984. DELTA is partnered with competent companies from a wide range of industries worldwide.