Led by Steve Leech, Siemens GB&I

Quickly evolving markets and trends. High levels of competition. Innovative and disruptive technologies. Increased levels of manufacturing data. These are just a few of the operating parameters that companies within the Process Industries are impacted by. Manufacturing needs to be more flexible and agile to respond to changes in the market and to better fulfil the high levels of customisation that is now being demanded and expected by customers.

Digitalisation is changing our world and to be able to deal with this the market needs to have a focus around IT and process security, high-quality, reliable products and cost reduction made possible through efficient processes and digital engineering tools. Underpinning this is the ability to provide solutions that are highly integrated and allow for the capture and intelligent use of increasing volumes of process data and turning that into operational information and intelligence.
Data now becomes crucial to a plant and this is represented in the form of the ‘digital twin’.

This presentation, from Steve Leech, Siemens GB&I business manager for Process Control Solutions, will explore the challenges and opportunities that data can bring.