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Broadband Technology 2000 (BT2000), established in 1995, is an electronic component distributor and manufacturer’s representative. The company is a franchised supplier of the world’s most innovative electronic products and solutions.

BT2000 offers a wide range of sensors (motion sensors, microphones, accelerometers, magnetometers, current, pressure, tilt, gas flow and inertial systems);  power (supercapacitors, miniature rechargeable lithium ion batteries and magnetic inductive components);  wireless & M2M/IOT (antennas, RF cables, GNSS receivers, modems, routers, trackers and telecom modules) and semiconductor (ASICs, HD PLC, display port, sensor fusion, active filters and RF interface) devices.

BT2000’s markets include aerospace & military, asset tracking, automotive, networking, telecoms, medical, security, gaming and utilities.

Located in the Berkshire technology triangle, the company ships internationally from its ISO 9000 approved warehouse.

BT2000 is proud of its customer support team who offer the best service in a challenging dynamic marketplace.